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About Us


If you came to this page looking for some inspirational shit.. sorry. Our name doesn't have some cool and deep meaning behind it. It means nothing. In fact, whenever someone asks me what it means, I make something up. It's a different story every time, and I encourage you to do the same when asked.


  1. It's an ancient tribe of yetis
  2. A failed footwear company from the mid 1980's
  3. Eskimo for 'very warm head'

We don't plant a tree everytime you order something..

We're not trust fund babies with a hobby funded by mom and dad..

We definitely aren't a 'lifestyle' brand..

We're just a couple of losers making some rad shit. I started hand making caps because no one was making the stuff I wanted to wear on my dome. Most of the hats out there are mass produced shit that's shaped weird and makes your head look like a sweet potato.

All I want to do is make cool shit for you and me. Thanks for letting this happen.